Angelιna Jolιe advocaтeѕ ғor ĸιndneѕѕ ιn нer cнιldren! aмazιng мoтнer

Angelιna Jolιe advocaтeѕ ғor ĸιndneѕѕ ιn нer cнιldren! aмazιng мoтнer

Renowned actress, director, and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, recently shared her joy in witnessing her six children grow up. In an interview with Hello!, she discussed the positive aspects of her children transitioning into their teenage years.

Jolie expressed that as her children explore new experiences, she begins to reminisce about her own teenage years, even expressing a desire to join them in their adventures, like going to punk clubs. She described this phase as a moment of self-discovery for herself.

During her visit to Paris to promote the new Mon Guerlain perfume Intense, Jolie emphasized that instilling kindness in her children is her utmost priority. She stressed the importance of teaching them to be kind to others as well as to themselves. Jolie believes in the significance of humility, understanding the privileges and blessings they possess, and using their advantages to help others.

She emphasized the importance of recognizing their place in the world, acknowledging their flaws as humans, and understanding the vastness of the world they live in. Jolie leads by example, displaying kindness, grace, love, and tolerance, drawing inspiration from her own mother. However, she also encourages her children to stand up for what is right and engage in necessary fights, as she believes they need to be prepared for the challenges they will face in a rapidly changing world.

Jolie revealed that she witnesses acts of kindness from her children, such as making her breakfast and presenting her with flowers on Mother’s Day. Reflecting on her own journey, she shared that when she takes time for herself, she rediscovers her softer side, recognizing her inner resilience and determination. At her core, she values vulnerability and seeks to be supported and unharmed when she allows herself to be soft.

Jolie’s desire for tenderness and understanding resonates with many, as she emphasizes the importance of finding balance between strength and vulnerability.

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