Angelina Jolie Embraces Her Identity as a Fearless and Empowered Woman! OMG

Angelina Jolie Embraces Her Identity as a Fearless and Empowered Woman! OMG

Angelina Jolie Celebrates the Power of Defiant Women and Challenges Historical Persecution

In a bold move, Angelina Jolie takes control of her narrative by penning her own cover story for Elle’s September issue, following in the footsteps of other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé who have embraced self-expression through writing. Jolie’s essay serves a dual purpose, not only promoting her upcoming film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil but also delving into the broader theme of female resistance and the historical persecution faced by women who refuse to be silenced or controlled.

Using the concept of maleficence as a starting point, Jolie sheds light on the countless women who have been unfairly targeted throughout history. She references the Old Testament and highlights the tragic consequences of the command “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” which led to the execution of numerous individuals during the witch hunts in Europe and the Salem trials in America. Jolie poignantly notes that the majority of those persecuted were women.

Jolie goes on to emphasize that women have been accused of witchcraft for simply asserting their independence, expressing their opinions on politics or religion, or dressing differently. She reflects on her own identity and boldly states that in earlier times, she could have faced repeated executions for merely being true to herself.

The actress draws parallels between historical and contemporary examples of women facing unwarranted blame and condemnation. Joan of Arc, known for her witchcraft accusations, becomes a symbol of women who are targeted for behaving in ways that challenge societal norms. Jolie further highlights the struggle of women in modern times, such as those running for political office or fighting for human rights, who are unfairly labeled and subjected to various forms of abuse.

Jolie’s personal experiences as a globetrotting advocate come to the forefront as she reflects on the risks she takes in countries where her beliefs and actions as a woman could lead to imprisonment or physical harm if she were a citizen. She concludes her essay with a powerful statement, redefining the term “wicked women” as those who refuse to tolerate injustice and abuse. According to Jolie, the world needs more of these courageous women.

While the juxtaposition of Jolie’s thought-provoking words and glamorous photographs may seem peculiar, it serves as a reminder that even in the midst of beauty and glamour, important discussions and calls for change can find a place. Jolie’s essay resonates as a stirring reminder of the strength and necessity of defiant women throughout history and today.

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