Angelina Jolie stuns in Italy with revealing outfit, surpassing her tall daughter Shiloh by HollywoodNuts

Angelina Jolie stuns in Italy with revealing outfit, surpassing her tall daughter Shiloh by HollywoodNuts

Actress Angelina Jolie, accompanied by her daughter, is on a long trip starting from New York to Paris, with the next destination being the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. The Daily Mail reported on July 31 that Angelina had moved to Venice to continue her journey. The actress and her children stayed at the luxurious 5-star Cipriani hotel, which cost over 7,595 euros, or over 200 million in local currency, for one night.

The paparazzi captured several pictures of Angelina Jolie walking down the street with her daughter, Shiloh. Although Shiloh is only 15 years old, she stood out like a “giant” next to her mother, as she has a height of 1.7 meters, which is quite taller than Angelina. However, despite Shiloh’s height, the spotlight is still on the beauty of the 46-year-old actress. Even when she walked bare-faced on the street, revealing her skinny legs full of tendons and bones, viewers still admired her because of her excellent visual appearance. The heavenly beauty of Angelina Jolie, with her high cheekbones, thick lips, and star charisma, continues to make people surprised and full of praise.

Angelina and her daughter became the focus of attention as they walked down the street. Although Angelina exposed her skin-covered calves, the beauty of the Maleficent star still shone through. Despite this, some netizens only paid attention to her skinny legs, which were pale and lifeless. Angelina continued to be enthusiastically welcomed by the media, even when she was hanging out with her friends. Her body defects became meaningless when people saw her beautiful appearance.

The actress only wore light makeup in one of the pictures, but it still caused a stir on social media. Her glamorous and luxurious beauty, even at the age of 46, made many people stand still and captivated. Although there are traces of aging, her extreme tilt angle and beauty continue to make people fall in love with her.

Angelina Jolie still maintains her visual level, even though she has been active in showbiz for over three decades. Even without makeup and a fussy hairdo, she still stands out thanks to her luxurious aura. The paparazzi captured several photos of Angelina in Venice, Italy, and they caused a buzz on social media. The beauty of the actress continues to make people admire and praise her. The source of the news is from

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