Salma Hayek, 56, Shares the “Disgusting” Secret to Her Impressive Physique by HollywoodNuts

Salma Hayek, 56, Shares the “Disgusting” Secret to Her Impressive Physique by HollywoodNuts

Salma Hayek, the Hollywood star in her fifties, has been serving as a testament to the epitome of femininity at her age. In her recent Instagram post, Salma flaunted her impressive physique, leaving her fans in awe and inspiring many to dig deeper and find out the secret behind her age-defying beauty.

The post featured a series of pictures in which Salma emerged from the ocean and got into a boat at sunset, and in another, she dipped her hair into the salty water, looking as glorious as ever. She was wearing a bright yellow swimsuit that perfectly showcased her toned arms, trim waistline, and tan body.

Her fans showered her post with over 2 million likes and more than 16,000 comments, praising her for looking young and beautiful even in her fifties.

Salma has previously revealed that her youth potion is bone broth, which she drinks one cup a day. According to her, the broth helps to restructure the tissues of the skin, hair, and nails. Salma admits that the drink is ‘sort of disgusting,’ but the benefits are worth it. To prepare the broth, she takes a bunch of bones from a cow and slow-cooks them for many hours. Then, she adds a tablespoon of apple cider to it.

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Despite her age-defying beauty, Salma keeps her beauty routine simple. She doesn’t do Botox, and she doesn’t do intense workout routines. Walking her dogs is her version of exercise. However, she is a fan of restorative yoga, which helps to activate the muscles throughout the day.

In conclusion, Salma Hayek serves as an inspiration to many women in their fifties, showing them that they can be at the epitome of femininity and beauty. Her simple and natural beauty routine, along with her bone broth, has helped her to maintain her age-defying beauty and impressive physique.

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