CM Punk made his first Public Appearance! Is He Coming to WWE??

CM Punk made his first Public Appearance! Is He Coming to WWE??

In the last month there has been nothing but talk of CM Punk and his press conference shoot in which he had a hard time against the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana (now his arch enemy). A backstage brawl ensued that led to the suspension of various athletes, Punk in the first place, and the revocation of the title of world champion.

In these hours, the first photo of CM Punk in public after the suspension has emerged on the net, also confirming the rumors of the All Out post. The Chicago wrestler wears an arm brace, a sign that he really suffered a triceps injury in the match against Jon Moxley at the PPV.

His recovery times are unknown (there are those who even speak of 8 months) but the general feeling is that Punk may never return to AEW, concluding his experience in All Elite after just one year.

First public appearance of CM Punk

A behavior that Eric Bischoff has defined unforgivable and that, according to many, could have put an end to his career in All Elite.

PW Torch’s Wade Keller also said: “I really don’t think CM Punk is going back to fighting in AEW. It’s not 100% certain, but all the clues point in this direction. And probably his contract will be terminated.

“Despite the absence of CM Punk, Dynamite has achieved last ratings in recent weeks, even surpassing the one million viewers in the pre-Grand Slam episode. Alan Angels also wanted to talk about a possible goodbye from AEW of CM Punk and the Elite: “If this had happened in a normal federation they would have all been fired because they should all be fired”

The original plans of the All Out main event, among other things, were very different: MJF would have to face Punk right in Chicago and possibly exit the arena with the world title around his waist, rekindling a great rivalry of the past.

During the most recent 83 Weeks podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff went into a fiery rant after a viewer asked him if he’d have sent CM Punk a letter of termination via post. “Nah, f**k him. I wouldn’t waste the 29 dollars in f**king postage to fire that piece of s**t.

I’d send his attorney an email and say your f**king client is a b***h, I’d dare him to sue me – worthless piece of scum, parasite to the wrestling business. No. I wouldn’t have wasted a FedEx. I wouldn’t have wasted the amount of money it would cost to fire that piece of s**t,” Bischoff stated.

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