“F**k Off, Kid” – Roman Reigns’ Father To Chris Jericho! OMG

“F**k Off, Kid” – Roman Reigns’ Father To Chris Jericho! OMG


On the new episode of his weekly ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast, WWF Attitude Era Legend Chris Jericho told the story of how he first met Roman Reigns’ legendary father, Wild Samoan Sika.


Here’s what Y2J had to say:

“They actually would do vignettes of Mr. Fuji having him eat raw fish and he couldn’t speak English. I walked up to Sika with a pen and a paper and I was like, ‘Please… sign. Sign name. You… sign name with the pen.’

He looked at me. He goes ‘F**k off, kid’ and I didn’t care that he told me to F off, all I cared was like ‘He speaks English! Did anybody else hear that?’”

Roman Reigns dad told Chris Jericho to F Off - WWF Old School

After being a member of The Wild Samoans during the 70s and 80s, Sika returned to the World Wrestling Federation in 1986, without his long-time tag team partner Afa, and was first managed by The Wizard (King Curtis Iaukea), but by 1987 he started to team up with ‘The Ugandan Giant’ Kamala and they were managed by Mr. Fuji.

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