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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Luxury Yacht: A Haven of Luxury with Five Lavish Cabins, Six Bathrooms, a Modern Kitchen, and a Top Speed of 28 Knots

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez Enjoy Their Luxurious £5.5 Million Yacht in Madeira

Currently in Madeira after a triumphant tour at the Euros, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez are relishing their time aboard a remarkable yacht.

Ronaldo, a revered figure at Juventus, proudly owns the exquisite Azimut Grande yacht, which carries a price tag of around £5.5 million. Acquired last year, this 88-feet long vessel was crafted in the renowned Versilia shipyards of Azimut-Benetti.

Impeccably designed, the yacht features five opulent cabins and six elegantly adorned bathrooms. Onboard, one can find a modern kitchen, two relaxation areas, a spacious lounge, and a luxurious dining room, perfect for romantic dinners.

With a top speed of 28 knots, the Azimut Grande is propelled by two powerful 1,900-horsepower engines and constructed using lightweight carbon fiber, weighing an impressive 93 tons.

The vessel offers a range of amenities, including a bar on deck, two lounge areas for ultimate relaxation, and the capability to reach exhilarating speeds. No expenses were spared in the creation of Ronaldo’s newest yacht, making it a symbol of indulgence and luxury.

Previously, Ronaldo used to rent the Africa I yacht from a charter company before deciding to purchase his own. Last summer, he embarked on the Azimut Grande’s maiden voyage, treating his family, including his partner Georgina Rodriguez, to a memorable experience along the Tyrrhenian coast.

Georgina Rodriguez has also taken to Instagram to showcase the yacht, sharing alluring photos of herself in a stylish bikini on the deck. The Ronaldo family enjoys the various cabins, with Georgina capturing serene moments, serving lunch to Cristiano, and capturing romantic moments shared aboard their luxurious vessel.

While Ronaldo continues to excel on the field, leading the race for the Golden Boot despite Portugal’s exit in the last-16 against Belgium, speculation about his future looms, with rumors suggesting a potential move away from his current club.

The Azimut Grande yacht stands as a testament to Ronaldo’s success and affluence, providing him and his loved ones with a private sanctuary for leisure and relaxation.

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