Cristiano Ronaldo Displays Diving Skills During St Tropez Vacation with Georgina Rodriguez! OMG Amazing to See

Cristiano Ronaldo Displays Diving Skills During St Tropez Vacation with Georgina Rodriguez! OMG Amazing to See

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Al-Nassr attacker, is currently enjoying some leisure time on his luxurious £5.5m yacht in St Tropez, accompanied by his partner. While Ronaldo has often faced accusations of simulation throughout his illustrious career, it appears that the star excels at another form of diving.

The 38-year-old is taking a well-deserved break in St Tropez with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, and they are staying aboard their stunning £5.5m yacht. However, Ronaldo couldn’t resist the urge to engage in a diving adventure during his holiday, as evidenced by a video he uploaded to his Instagram account on Saturday.

In the video, Ronaldo can be seen holding his breath as he dives deeper into the sea, using a line as his guide. He reaches the bottom of the rope, turns to face the camera, and gives a thumbs-up sign before starting his ascent back to the surface. After resurfacing, Ronaldo enthusiastically exclaims his trademark “Si!” and expresses his satisfaction at being able to hold his breath for about a minute in total.

Ronaldo’s caption on the video reveals that he managed to reach a depth of 14 meters before deciding to return to the waves above. This impressive feat garnered plenty of praise online, with one fan commenting, “This is class. It’s easy to get off like this, pulling the rope.”

In addition to his diving exploits, Ronaldo continued to enjoy the sunny weather by flaunting his chiseled torso while aboard the luxury yacht with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, on Sunday. The 38-year-old footballer sported a pair of tiny black swim shorts that accentuated his rock-hard abs and toned legs.

Georgina joined him on the yacht, looking flawless in a stylish animal print bi**ni that showcased her assets and peachy derriere. She opted for a natural makeup look and tied her raven tresses in a high ponytail for a fuss-free hairdo.

The couple’s idyllic getaway also included Ronaldo’s five-year-old son, Cristiano Jr., making it a delightful family affair. The young boy appeared to be thoroughly enjoying his time on the yacht, basking in the high life with his famous father.

Overall, Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrated his diving skills and made the most of his vacation in St Tropez, indulging in thrilling water activities while enjoying quality time with his partner and son.

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