Cristiano Ronaldo’s Luxurious Lifestyle in Saudi Arabia: Earning a Staggering $200 Million Annually! OMG

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Luxurious Lifestyle in Saudi Arabia: Earning a Staggering $200 Million Annually! OMG

Just a couple of days ago, the biggest transfer deal in the history of football took place, with perhaps the biggest name in the game at the center of it.

Although there had been much buzz about where Cristiano Ronaldo would be going ever since November, after the mutual termination of his contract with Manchester United, it was when the Portuguese captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, accepted the massive offer of 200 million euros for a contract of around three years with the Arab pro-league team Al-Masar that he put the speculations of all the fans to an end. Now the biggest question all the fans have in their minds is how life will be like in Saudi Arabia for the living legend of the game.

Although, as is seen by many, the decision to step into Arab football is an unexpected one, as the 37-year-old has only competed in Europe-based leagues and the Arab world will open a completely different chapter in the career of the star striker, with a completely different culture, fans, and a league that is far from mainstream. Still, we immediately know that the decision was a wise one, right when we consider the multi-figured salary it brings upon the table.

The contract offers a massive 70 million per year, including image rights and commercial agreements, which will make his potential earnings around 500 million euros throughout the course of two and a half years into the contract, making this not only the biggest deal in football but the most valuable contract in the history of world sports, as reported by various agencies. Let’s explore how life would be for Cristiano Ronaldo living in Saudi Arabia – life in a different world.

The latest, and perhaps the biggest headline of the day, as per reports, is that Saudi Arabia is to amend its marriage laws for the footballing star to live with his partner and girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. Saudi Arabia, a country renowned for its strong belief in its tradition and strict enforcement of rules, is ready to come to terms with its newest star player.

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There is no doubt that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is going to have a taste of the state-like experience in his new city, Riyadh, which is the home city of his new club, Al-Nassr. According to a club insider who quoted the Portuguese newspaper Record, the Portuguese skipper was greeted warmly and first settled in a luxurious hotel in the heart of the Middle Eastern country’s city there.

They also reported that he landed at the airport on a private plane and in the center of a heavy security system, with police vehicles and checks, although this is the formal custody of the country, CR7 also wanted to preserve the integrity of his family, and that is why he landed in Arabia with a large number of attendants and even a private security company: the luxuries of Middle Eastern Hospitality.

Despite the fact that the striker will be residing in a city 7,000 kilometers away from his home in Lisbon, with a travel time of around 10 hours, he will be considered a head of state, as defined in Spain.

According to a report by CBS Sports, the agreement includes luxurious apartments within close proximity to the training camp area, in a rich neighborhood of real, an apartment that is magnificently loaded with all the amenities imaginable, not to mention the exclusive school where the children will study.


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