Fans are outraged that Sony is reportedly bringing back Zendaya for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4. “Her return will spoil the No Way Home conclusion,” they say.

Fans are outraged that Sony is reportedly bringing back Zendaya for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4. “Her return will spoil the No Way Home conclusion,” they say.

The final scene of Man: No Way Home left us with no hope; our favourite superhero is now completely alone, has lost everything, and must pick up the pieces. NWH, which is located in a location where the Spider-Movies can go in crazy directions, was once thought to be Black Cat Parker’s love interest; however, recent events have revealed some heartbreaking information for the fans.

For Spider-Man 4, Sony will bring back MJ rather than Black Cat, so Zendaya will once more play Tom Holland’s love interest. The internet is upset about this because it contradicts where the previous movie left off.

MJ is not good news, but Spider-Man 4 is.

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This choice may have been greatly influenced by Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship; the film no longer feels like a story-driven production. We can only wait until it is released before determining whether or not everything went as planned.

The “friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man” will return to the screen, and we will undoubtedly get to see more street action, according to the promise made at the end of NWH. Up until now, Peter has primarily been involved in cosmic-level dangers, but now that the last movie wrapped up all the loose ends, Spider-Man is ready to return to his regular life.

Fans express their wrath on Twitter after being utterly let down.

Due to the fact that under the New World Hypothesis (NWH), MJ attended MIT and will continue her studies there, they attempt to demonstrate the logical flaws of having MJ back in the Spider-Man timeline. Many people preferred Black Cat over MJ Jones-Watson and some are worried about the timetable.

The goal of the previous film was for Peter to maintain his secrecy so that MJ and Ned could live normal lives. If MJ is repurchased in Spider-Man 4, Peter’s sacrifice will have been in vain. Since the entire NWH movie was useless, it is difficult to predict and wonder how the writers will include Zendaya as MJ in this alternate reality.

Spider-Man 4 is allegedly a mistake by Sony, according to fans.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in NWH

Some fans remarked that Sony just cares about the film office figures and has no real comprehension of character arcs, narratives, or tales. Given that NWH had a lovely finish and that the subsequent film was intended to continue from there, it now appears true that all the advancement gained in NWH will be lost if the same characters are brought back. This seems confusing and highly atypical.

While it is true that Sony may be passing up the chance to create an incredible Spider-Man trilogy, given the NWH finale, the street-type Spider-Man and Black Cat’s relationship will be a breath of fresh air.

Given that Spider-Man 4 will have a street-type feel to it, Black Cat seems like a better fit because she will allow Spider-Man the time and space to process the death of his mentor, aunt, best friend, and love.


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