Fast & Furious: Luke Hobbs’ 5 Dumbest Decisions ! You Won’t Believe.

Fast & Furious: Luke Hobbs’ 5 Dumbest Decisions ! You Won’t Believe.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may not be returning for Fast X as Luke Hobbs, but he’s already made his mark on the franchise in the five Fast & Furious movies in which he’s appeared, including the spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw.

Hobbs was all muscle and grit when began his time in the franchise as Dominic Toretto’s adversary, so he quickly became acquainted with the sometimes unbelievable scenarios for which the team is famous.

When it comes to Fast & Furious, the unbelievable is usually brought on by some incredibly dumb decisions made by the main cast. Hobbs may have entered the franchise at its now midway point, but he made quick work of catching up with the others in dumb decision-making.

5. Pulling Guns On Dom In Brazil:

Dom and Hobbs had a few tension-filled showdowns including one orchestrated by Dom and his team to secretly place a tracker on Hobbs’ convoy in Fast 5. Thinking he would finally be able to capture Dom and Brian, Hobbs had his team pull their guns on them to encourage their compliance which wasn’t the best idea considering where he was.

What Hobbs may have forgotten was that he was on the streets of Brazil (which Dom was happy to loudly remind him of) and found twice as many guns turned back around on him. Still, that wasn’t the last time Hobbs made the mistake of underestimating Dom.

4. Not Assessing His Team:

The first Shaw that Hobbs faced off with was the youngest brother, Owen Shaw. Hobbs teamed up with Dom and his team to catch Shaw who had a thought-to-be-dead Letty on his team, but Hobbs also had a new partner by his side, agent Riley Hicks, who was revealed to be Shaw’s informant.

In Hobbs’ line of work, it would be assumed that he would be thorough in assessing the people he adds to his team, which he did with Elena in Fast 5, but Riley’s association with Shaw clearly slipped by in Furious 6.

Obviously, since she was a secret informant, their link would have been well hidden but as a security and intelligence agency, the DSS should have the tech to uncover that kind of activity. At the very least Hobbs should have monitored the information going out from his team knowing who he was dealing with.

3. Underestimating Mr. Nobody’s Persistence:

In Fate of the Furious, Hobbs found himself not only in the same prison he put Deckard Shaw in but also in the neighboring cell. Mr. Nobody offered him a way out, but Hobbs underestimated his persistence and thought that deciding to get out “the right way” would be the end of it, but of course, Mr. Nobody didn’t give him much of a choice.

2. Letting The Team Go:

After the climactic Rio heist in Fast 5, Hobbs, having helped the team take the vault from Reyes to get revenge for him killing his DSS team, allows Dom, Brian, and the rest of the team to get a head start in the chase to bring them in.

While he did make them leave the vault behind, he realized his mistake for underestimating the team once again when he finds the vault empty.

After Fast 5, it seems that Hobbs has no real interest in catching the team again but at that moment on the bridge, he still had every intention of catching them so letting them drive off into the sunset,

even for a 24-hour head start, was not a smart decision and pretty much solidified that he would never actually be able to bring them in.

1. Underestimating The Team:

As the DSS agent tasked to bring the team in, Hobbs made things hard for himself in Fast 5 by underestimating their abilities, labeling them as just lucky street criminals that could drive really well.

Until that movie, the Fast and Furious team did participate in mainly higher-level street crimes but their proven organization and commitment to executing their plans should have made it clear to Hobbs that there was nothing common about them.

Underestimating them set him back several times, allowing the team to slip through Hobbs’ fingers several times before he eventually realized their resourcefulness.

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