Who Is In The Blue Car At The End Of ‘Fast & Furious 9’ ??

Who Is In The Blue Car At The End Of ‘Fast & Furious 9’ ??

Fast and Furious 9 makes it a point to include a blue car at the end of the film without revealing its driver. Here’s who it could be and why.

Who is in the blue car at the end of F9? The ninth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise, directed by Justin Lin, sees Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) reuniting with his estranged brother Jakob (John Cena).

The film includes a lot of familiar faces from past films, including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift crew. But the arrival of the blue car at the end of F9 hints at the arrival of another beloved character who has been off-grid for a while.

After the action was completed and the main events of the plot were generally wrapped up, Dom brings everyone together for a backyard barbecue in the now rebuilt house. As per usual with Dom and his family (found and otherwise), they hang out and, just as they’re about to say grace over food and beer, Dom points out that there’s an empty chair, to which Mia confirms, “he’s on the way.” A car is shown pulling up to the house with a mystery person driving.

The vehicle is obviously a blue Nissan, which suggests that the identity of the driver is none other than Brian O’Connor, who watched over his and Dom’s kids in F9, but was noticeably absent during the barbecue. Of course, Brian has driven a multitude of cars over the course of seven films, but some of the most famous ones he’s taken out for a spin include a variety of blue Nissan GT-Rs and other models and the appearance of this exact car at the end confirms Brian is still around. The Fast and the Furious franchise has been without the late Paul Walker since Furious 7, following the actor’s untimely and tragic death in a car accident. The aforementioned film, which he was filming at the time of his passing, was dedicated to Walker’s memory and officially retired the character from the adventures Brian and Dom so often got up to.

However, the fact the filmmakers chose to retire Brian instead of killing him off suggests there is always a possibility of bringing him back in some capacity in the future. The blue Nissan didn’t need to be seen in F9, but it feels like a distinct teaser for what’s to come. This could mean bringing Brian back digitally for Fast and Furious 10, similar to what Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker did onscreen with the late Carrie Fisher’s Leia. After all, showing the blue Nissan as it pulls up while Dom, Letty, and the rest of the crew are already inside is a choice. Brian has always been a part of the family and the filmmakers perhaps wanted to remind the audience that he still was despite not being able to show him.

For those who have been watching the series from the start, the blue Nissan’s appearance is an obvious and direct callback to Brian (and Walker’s) time with The Fast and the Furious franchise. And Brian pulling up just as his family and friends are about to eat makes it seem like he is simply late to the party, but is still a crucial part of the crew. It’s a brief moment, but the decision to have it in the movie ensures that Brian’s presence in F9 is still felt no matter what.

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