John Cena namedrops CM Punk while discussing his “Superman” run of 2012

Happy 37th birthday to Becky Lynch! John Cena namedrops CM Punk while discussing his “Superman” run of 2012 – link in comments!

WWE legend John Cena recently spoke about why fans seemingly wanted to see CM Punk beat him during the height of their feud in 2011-12.

CM Punk and Cena were in a bitter rivalry throughout the summer of 2011. The Best in the World defeated his arch-rival at Money in the Bank and again at SummerSlam. Their feud continued when Punk and Cena clashed over the WWE Championship the following year.

On the IMPAULSIVE podcast, John Cena recently discussed his character in WWE and how it had changed over the years. He likened himself to Superman and said at one point the fans wanted to see him lose and somebody else like CM Punk to step up. The Cenation Leader felt that the WWE Universe was tired of seeing him on top all the time:

“John Cena in the WWE existence is quite easy for me to define: Superman. And I don’t mean like stronger than a train, faster than a bullet, whatever. I mean, Superman acts with a moral virtue. Superman has a moral code.” He continued, “But now, over the years, there’s been a difference in Superman. The Superman of 2012, where, man, did they want CM Punk to win the championship because they were sick of me winning. They were sick of Superman, which is the forever problem with Superman. He’s too good.” [35:35 – 36:31]

You can watch the full podcast episode below:

John Cena discussed how fans view him now

During the same conversation, John Cena said fans’ reception towards him had changed drastically. The former WWE Champion added that his character was different now because he had been on a losing streak and was at a point where he was trying to figure out how much time he had left:

“Now it’s an older Superman who’s looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I was this. I’m not this anymore. What am I now?’ I’m trying to figure it out. How do we know?” Cena said. [36:33 – 36:51]

John Cena’s last televised match was at Crown Jewel 2023 against Solo Sikoa, where he lost after taking several Samoan Spikes.

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