26-year-old to help Roman Reigns deal with his Randy Orton problem? Exploring the possibility

Randy Orton, Styles & Knight Brutal Attack Roman Reigns Contract Signing Segment – Go watch

At the 2024 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship by defeating Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and LA Knight. While this victory assured him he walked back with his title, it did not mark the end of his rivalry with Orton.

During the match, The Viper was close to winning. However, an interference from Solo Sikoa stopped him from doing so. Hence, on SmackDown, Orton could again look to go after Reigns. This time, The Tribal Chief can be well prepared by recruiting a 26-year-old superstar to aid him.

The 26-year-old star in question is Bron Breakker. On RAW’s latest episode, Breakker’s move to SmackDown is something Nick Aldis teased. Hence, given Paul Heyman’s great relations with Breakker, it won’t be difficult for him to recruit the star and instruct him to take Randy Orton out.

While the angle is speculative, a major reason it works is that by doing so, WWE can build a rivalry between Bron Breakker and Randy Orton leading up to WrestleMania 40. A match between the two superstars at ‘Mania will result in an excellent push for Breakker.

A WWE Hall of Famer recently praised Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns’ current run in WWE has been nothing short of spectacular. Since turning heel and donning The Tribal Chief gimmick, Reigns has been very successful and has cemented his place as an all-time great. His performances in the WWE are also being praised by the promotion’s Hall of Famers.

Randy Orton was close to beating Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble

One such Hall of Fame inductee who recently praised Roman Reigns for his performance is Hulk Hogan. During an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Hogan mentioned that compared to the rest of the roster, Reigns operates on a different level.

“It takes a really long time to be able to transition and pivot on a dime the way he does. That’s how he paints masterpieces you’ve never seen before. He’s working on a whole different level.”

Hogan added that The Tribal Chief had learned much from his father and said that Reigns would fit in any era.

“Roman’s dad, Sika, he explained the ABCs of it all to him. Watch his matches and you can tell. You can see it in the way Roman creates emotion, understands how to make the crowd mad, and how he puts people on the edge of their seat calling for that comeback. Roman Reigns learned this all old-school from his dad, but he adapted to the newer era, too. He can do it all. Roman is adaptable to whoever he is wrestling. That’s important. At any moment in time, he can switch gears on you. He’s amazing, and he’d fit in any era.”

Receiving such praise from a legend like Hulk Hogan is a great moment for Roman Reigns. It will be interesting to see how many more records he can break before calling it a day.

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