Judith’s Secret Reveal Was Walking Dead Finale’s Biggest letdown

Judith’s Secret Reveal Was Walking Dead Finale’s Biggest letdown

Judith’s secret reveal was the most disappointing part of The Walking Dead series finale. In the final episode of the AMC series, Daryl finally found out the truth about Rick Grimes. While in a delirious state, Judith made comments about seeing her parents again which immediately raised alarms with Daryl. Months after lying to him about Michonne’s departure, Judith had to come clean with him about the fact that Rick is still alive.

The Walking Dead had been slowly working toward this particular reveal all season. Judith’s lie and her avoidance of Michonne’s real reason for leaving made it clear that the show was headed toward a reveal. Given how important Rick was to Daryl and the amount of time he spent looking for him, a memorable reaction was expected. What was ultimately offered was lackluster in comparison to what season 11 had set up. Daryl seemed only slightly surprised when Judith let it slip that Rick was alive. And when she confirmed it later, his response continued to be underwhelmed. Looking at all the buildup for this scene, Daryl finding out the truth should have been a much bigger moment for the two characters.

Daryl Knows Rick Is Alive, So What Happens Now?

While The Walking Dead barely covered the repercussions of Judith telling Daryl the truth, it’s sure to have important repercussions. While the series didn’t show it, it makes sense that characters like Maggie and Carol, who both fought beside Rick for years, would have their own thoughts on the revelation. It would be especially meaningful to Daryl, who regarded Rick as his brother. It’s possible, but not outright confirmed in the episode, that his search for Rick resumed once he was told, which could be why he went exploring after the Commonwealth’s defeat.

As indicated by Daryl, he’ll be watching out for both Rick and Michonne while off on his most recent mission. From that comment, it’s obvious that tracking down Rick (or if nothing else getting it together to his ongoing area) will be among his needs when he returns. That doesn’t imply that Rick needs to factor into with why he goes to France in Daryl Dixon, yet it opens up the chance of his show pointing him in the correct bearing. That could occur assuming what’s happening in France has a say in the CRM, the gathering that stole Rick.

When Rick & Daryl Can Meet Again

With Rick getting his own spinoff in 2023, the two crossing paths in Daryl Dixon feels highly unlikely. But due to the importance of their relationship, it would be a missed opportunity if The Walking Dead didn’t deliver a Rick Grimes-Daryl Dixon team-up again before the franchise ends. As for how a reunion between the two could even work, it could be that AMC is secretly planning ang additional spinoff once Daryl gets back from France and Rick reunites with Michonne.

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