The only time in the show that Wednesday actually smiles & What It Means

The only time in the show that Wednesday actually smiles & What It Means

Wednesday Addams only sincerely smiles once in Wednesday season 1, which reveals much about her character. Part of the charm of Wednesday Addams’ character is her deadpan wit and emotionless nature, but Wednesday season 1 attempts to unravel this apathetic disposition on rare occasions. Wednesday nefariously smirks when her interest is piqued by sinister developments or actions, but only gives a gleeful, wide, toothy smile during one important scene in Wednesday season 1, episode 7.

The close-to-home separation of young Wednesday Addams is broken in Wednesday season 1 when her Uncle Rot Addams (Fred Armisen) shows up at Nevermore Foundation. Demonstrating she in all actuality does really have the glow and heart that she ostensibly denies, her anxiety in regards to the strange shrouded consider turns along with authentic satisfaction while understanding the man is her dad’s eccentric sibling. In Hollywood notwithstanding Putrefy benevolently letting Wednesday know that she’s his number one individual from the family, she returns the glow by confiding in him to help her examination of Jericho’s homicide secret, which shows that she shares a more grounded bond and level of understanding with Rot than any of her other relatives.

Why Wednesday Addams Hardly Ever Smiles In Season 1

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday continues to deny her empathetic humanity, instead wanting to purport herself as a cold, heartless, and sadistic loner. Wednesday’s actions in the Tim Burton series continue to subvert this assessment of herself, but her genuine expressions of happy, heartfelt emotion are what truly counteract this, such as when she smiles at seeing Uncle Fester and finally hugs Enid. The only other times that she smiles in Wednesday season 1 are on occasions that emphasize her sadism, which is influenced by her family’s love of the macabre and wicked.

She smiles for the first time in Wednesday season 1 when she declares that Nevermore Academy will be enjoyable, as she is thrilled by homicidal maniacs, attempts on her life, and suggestions that her own father is a murderer. When “blood” sprays down on the students at the Rave’N dance, which plays into Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams’ macabre obsessions, she grins once more before Fester shows up as Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams. Sinister smiles highlight Wednesday’s eerie personality, which is how she wishes others to perceive her, even if they are still gestures of emotion.

What Wednesday’s Smile Says About Her Bond With Uncle Fester

Wednesday and Fester’s bond suggests that she shares more in common with him than the rest of her family members, as Ortega’s character doesn’t smile when reunited with her parents or brother. Fester seems to come in and out of Wednesday’s life when not in prison or on a job, with Fester seemingly seeing the potential in Wednesday to become a criminal mastermind even more clever than himself. Wednesday’s parents show much affection to one another, but there seemed to be largely surface-level connections between them and Wednesday before the Tim Burton series. While Morticia and Gomez Addams can’t choose a favorite between Pugsley and Wednesday, Fester can, and Wednesday always cherishes this favoritism from her uncle.

Wednesday rarely opens herself up to others, but The Addams Family’s Uncle Fester appears to be the one character she trusts with her vulnerabilities. From crying in front of him about Thing’s death to giving a joyous smile when he arrives, Fester is the person from whom Wednesday’s title character likely learned her notably empathetic values. Wednesday and Uncle Fester are outcasts within their own family of outcasts, so her smile when seeing him in Wednesday season 1 demonstrates her comfort with him and relief at having his help in the investigation. Since Wednesday and Fester understand each other better than Netflix’s other Addams family members, he’s apt to return to aid her in future conflicts.

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