Nia Jax attacked Rhea Ripley on RAW! Nia Jax also warned Bayley not to pick Rhea Ripley as her opponent as WrestleMania!

Nia Jax attacked Rhea Ripley on RAW! Nia Jax also warned Bayley not to pick Rhea Ripley as her opponent as WrestleMania – Video

I’ve talked a lot these couple of days about the winner of the men’s Royal Rumble match, Cody Rhodes, but I haven’t talked too much about the winner of the women’s Royal Rumble.

The Women’s Royal Rumble match took place first before the men’s rumble match because, you know….
Ladies First.

We had a lot of returns and interesting moments. Unfortunately, I predicted the return of either AJ Lee, the wife of CM Punk, or Sasha Banks, but neither of these two women showed up.

However, the interesting thing was that the friend and partner of Sasha Banks, Naomi, made her return. She picked the second spot in the rumble, and everyone was really excited.

Another really crazy thing that happened was R-Truth interfering with the women’s Rumble match.

During the entrance music of Valhalla, R-Truth’s music started playing, and R-Truth ran past Valhalla into the ring.

He looked around and realized there were no guys in the ring. He started asking, “Where are the guys?”

It was the funniest thing that night. He immediately got thrown out of the ring by Nia Jax.

However, at the end of the women’s Rumble, maybe, Bayley was the winner and last woman in the ring.

She was really happy, and we all knew that, well, Bayley’s got two choices.

She could either challenge Rhea Ripley, who is the current Raw Women’s Champion, or she could challenge her very own friend Iyo Sky, the current Smackdown Women’s champion.

Since Iyo Sky and Bayley are friends in the same faction called Damage Ctrl, there was no way she would pick Iyo Sky, and yes, that was something she agreed on.

She was about to pick who she would face when Rhea Ripley came out. Rhea told Bayley that she knew she would pick her since all the Damage Ctrl members have belts except for her.

Well, Rhea was ready to challenge Bayley at Wrestlemania 40. However, while Ripley was still talking, Nia Jax came from behind to attack her.

Nia completely beat up Rhea Ripley and took the microphone. Nia gave a straight-up warning to Bayley.

She told Bayley to pick Iyo Sky because Ripley will not be making it to WrestleMania 40.

Obviously, Nia Jax wants Ripley for herself, and so she has warned Bayley to choose her own friend Iyo Sky.

Well, guys, that’s definitely going to be an epic main event. Bayley versus Iyo Sky for the Smackdown Women’s championship.

This would be very weird and difficult because we’ll be seeing friends fight each other in a main event of Wrestlemania 40.

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