[Photo] Former WWE star shares an emotional post about Bray Wyatt and Brodie Lee

Sad picture from Bray Wyatt. Click on Link Full details

Bray Wyatt and Brodie Lee, formerly known as Luke Harper, are no longer with us, and the wrestling fraternity definitely misses them a lot. Recently, a former WWE Superstar shared an emotional post about the deceased stars. The person in question would be Joseph Ruud, also known as Erick Redbeard.

Joseph Ruud previously worked in WWE, and fans knew him as Erick Rowan. He was a part of The Wyatt Family, which also consisted of the late stars Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, aka Brodie Lee.

Ruud recently took to his X/Twitter account and shared a throwback picture of himself standing next to Bray and Brodie. He claimed that seeing the photo made him very emotional.

“This photo was recently shared to me, it was from prior to our Baltimore debut. I forgot we even took a picture that day and it is definitely making me feel every emotion right now…”

You can check out Joseph Ruud’s tweet below:


What the future has in store for Joseph Ruud, also known as Erick Redbeard, remains to be seen.

Bray Wyatt’s sister remembers her late brother

Late former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt’s sister, Mika Rotunda, often shared posts and tweets remembering her brother, who passed away at just 36 years of age. Mika’s baby turned seven months old, and while celebrating it, she also remembered her late brother. She stated that her baby’s smile reminded her so much of Bray.

“Everyday, I learn more about this amazing human being. I catch myself telling her stories about how amazing her uncle Windham was. How, he was so excited for her arrival. And that her smile reminds me of him. She’s such a happy little lady. I tell her often, how that was always his temperament too. Just a happy human, with a heart of gold. She is also so expressive, just like Windham! He always was big on facial expressions and animation; it was what made his stories so good,” Mika Rotunda shared.

You can check out Mika Rotunda’s Instagram post below:

Bray Wyatt passed away on August 24, 2023, due to a heart attack while he was asleep at his home. It was later revealed that the reason for his heart attack was COVID-19, aggravating his pre-existing heart condition. Luke Harper, also known as Brodie Lee, took his last breath on December 26, 2020. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis was the reason for his death.

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