The DCEU Must Break The Rock’s Irrational Fight Rule

The DCEU Must Break The Rock’s Irrational Fight Rule

Dwayne Johnson is going to be a big part of the DC Extended Universe after Black Adam, but the franchise needs to break The Rock’s absurd fight rule. Over a decade of dedication to bringing Black Adam to the big screen finally materialized with the 2022 solo film. Black Adam introduces Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero as one of the most powerful characters within the franchise. The movie repeatedly shows him easily winning fights with the Justice Society and Sabbac in Hollywood Black Adam’s ending. It is no surprise given how powerful Black Adam is compared to the movie’s other characters, but it also could be a sign that the DCEU is using The Rock’s old fight rule.

Dwayne Johnson garnered attention for his performance as Luke Hobbs in the Fast & Furious series before making his Black Adam debut. The discovery of a contract provision that banned The Rock’s character from losing fights was one of the series’ unexpected events. It was also made known that Vin Diesel and Jason Statham’s contracts shared the same conditions. Black Adam’s fights may not follow The Rock’s Fast & Furious fight rule exactly, but they always end with him winning or in a draw. For the sake of the DCEU and Black Adam’s future, Dwayne Johnson must allow this regulation to expire.

The DCEU Needs The Rock’s Black Adam To Lose Fights

Black Adam’s DCEU future is still yet to be determined, but he will have to lose fights at some point. Dwayne Johnson continues to tout his hopes for a fight between Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s Superman. He has even suggested Black Adam should fight the entire Justice League. There will certainly be more fights for Black Adam regardless of what his DCEU future holds, but he cannot always win them. The Rock’s Black Adam never losing a fight would make him an unstoppable and unbeatable powerhouse for the DCEU. While his power might be that great, Black Adam always winning would undermine the entire franchise.

When it comes to having their major characters engage in combat, superhero stories can always become inventive, but they virtually always declare a winner in some fashion. Captain America defeated Iron Man in the decisive battle in Captain America: Civil War, whereas Batman defeated Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Black Adam’s DCEU battles must bring him and his strength low, not necessarily result in his death. This is only feasible if Black Adam’s match with Superman is not subject to The Rock’s combat rule. Johnson ought to comprehend the power of a defeat as well, courtesy of his time in the WWE.

Why It Was Okay For Black Adam To Keep The Rock’s Fight Rules

Despite the DCEU’s need to have Black Adam lose fights in the future, it was the right decision to have Black Adam keep Dwayne Johnson’s character on the winning side of most battles. Black Adam is incredibly powerful, so the movie’s instance shows him beating the Justice Society members and Sabbac makes sense in that regard. In Hollywood, It is a clear way for Black Adam to announce Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero as one of the DCEU’s most powerful characters. And assuming The Rock’s fight rules are broken in the future, Black Adam’s losses will be even more significant now.

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