The Terrifying Bloater Monster from the Last of Us trailer & Rips Your Heart Out

The Terrifying Bloater Monster from the Last of Us trailer & Rips Your Heart Out

With just over a month until it premieres, a new The Last of Us trailer for HBO’s TV show reveals an up-close look at the show’s gruesome monsters, known as Clickers. Based on the award-winning 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog, the upcoming HBO series stars Pedro Pascal as Joel, a smuggler, and Bella Ramsey as his cargo, Ellie. Due to the immense popularity of both the first and second installments of the video game, the show’s all-star cast, and the news that the big-budget series is reportedly the largest television production in Canadian history, viewers are eagerly anticipating the post-apocalyptic series’ arrival in January.

The first teaser for The Last of Us teased a highly faithful adaptation of the game by focusing on the road trip setting and the introduction of Joel (Pascal) and Ellie (Ramsey). In HBO Max’s most recent trailer for the show, which provides a more thorough look at several exciting aspects of the video-game-based series, including additional images of the Clickers (one of which is a variation called a Bloater) in action as well as hints for the emotional storyline, the upcoming adaptation’s faithfulness to the games is further demonstrated. The father-daughter relationship between Joel and Ellie, which will change throughout the series, is the main focus of the most recent trailer for The Last of Us. Here is a brand-new trailer:


Why Getting The Clickers Right Is Essential To HBO’s TLOU

In the dystopian setting of The Last of Us, a mutated Cordyceps fungus that utilizes humans as its host plagues humanity. By the third stage of infection, the Infected mutate into vicious creatures known as Clickers, with superhuman strength and the ability to navigate their surroundings using echolocation thanks to the fungal growth that has taken over their faces. Bloaters, which are depicted in the aforementioned trailer, are the infection’s fourth and most lethal stage. The existence of these cunning and dangerous foes makes Joel and Ellie’s cross-country journey substantially more difficult and raises stakes for characters who must not only escape them but also resist becoming them.

Ellie’s immunity to the infection is a major plot point in the games and, based on The Last of Us trailer, the series, so it’s essential that the audience buys into the importance of finding a cure for the virus and by extension, Joel and Ellie’s mission. If the Clickers aren’t every bit as gruesome in the show as they are in the games, the HBO series risks alienating the audience familiar with the games as well as losing the interest of viewers new to the source material. Luckily, previous clips as well as the new trailer confirm that The Last of Us show is perfectly bringing the horrifying creatures to life.

Every New Reveal In The Last Of Us Trailer

In addition to the appearance of a Bloater, the new trailer revealed more detailed looks at Tess (Anna Torv), Bill (Nick Offerman), Ellie’s friend Riley (Storm Reid), and Joel’s daughter Sarah (Nico Parker). In addition, the Last of Us trailer unveiled new characters created specifically for the show, Marlon (Graham Greene) and Florence (Elaine Miles), a married couple who advise Joel not to go west. One of the most exciting reveals in the trailer depicts Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie in the video games, seemingly playing Ellie’s mother in the new series. HBO’s The Last of Us continues to prove its commitment to faithfully adapting the games, which will likely increase hype for the show, even more, leading up to its premiere on January 15.

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