WWE Makes a Surprising Announcement for WWE Raw!

WWE Makes a Surprising Announcement for WWE Raw!

Immediately after the official Monday Night Raw cameras shut down their functions last Monday, Seth Rollins saw fit to go once again to attack his Extreme Rules opponent from behind, with Riddle obviously responding to the attack despite himself.

greeting the fans, causing everything to go into a real brawl. The fans of the company, obviously only those present in the arena, enjoyed the whole scene, with the usual referees and road agents who had to intervene for the umpteenth time, to separate the two.

With a video surfaced on WWE’s Twitter channel, in the end, all the other fans in the world could also witness Rollins’ attempt to go and weaken his Extreme Rules opponent, apparently in vain, though. All this had already happened a few weeks ago, but that time Rollins and Riddle had got into a fight in the parking lot of the arena where the episode of Raw would have been staged after a few hours, with the WWE security that even in that case had to intervene.

Latest news on Raw

The next episode of Monday Night Raw will be the last before the Extreme Rules PPV and for this occasion, WWE has decided to institute a “no contact” clause between the two athletes of the red show.

In practice, Raw there will be a face to face between the two athletes, but neither of them will be allowed to put their hands on the other, under penalty of exclusion from the Extreme Rules match. After also announcing the fact that there will be a special referee, Daniel Cormier, coming from the world of MMA, therefore, the WWE has put a lot of meat on the fire and on Monday neither of them will be able to raise a finger against the other.

In addition to this communication, on Monday night we will also see AJ Styles join forces with Rey Mysterio, in a match against Finn Balor and Damien Priest, while the champion Bianca Belair will sign her contract with Bayley, her challenger in the Extreme Rules Ladder match.

Seth Rollins had a discussion with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon regarding potentially dropping his nickname before the 77-year-old retired from the company. “Before Triple H took over, I had gone to Vince specifically because I had watched something back on RAW and maybe it was like a highlight on Twitter, and they just they said ‘Seth Freakin Rollins’, it had been a dozen times in 30 seconds because Vince was also very big on not using pronouns.

So, constantly, he wanted the whole brand [said] every single time I was referenced, and I’m like, ‘You gotta stop that.”

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